Blog Post #5

One of my three view in my paper explores how money affects our happiness. There is a lot of research that shows that money greatly affects our happiness up to a point of about 75,000 dollars yearly income. Any income above this only slightly makes us more happy, if at all. Another way money can make us happy is if we spend it on other people as opposed to ourselves. Another view to my paper is how money makes us unhappy. By being pressured to buy all the latest products, this can lead people into debt if they don’t make enough money. This can lead to increased stress and more time needing to work. More time away from friends and family leads to more unhappiness. My last viewpoint in my paper is how money doesn’t affect our happiness at all. If people don’t do anything with their money to improve their lives, money won’t affect their happiness. Money is related to many aspects of life so this is a challenging side to research and write about.


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