Scholarly sources

I found these sources using the UWMC library database. I found it was quite difficult finding any information that scholars have written about my topic on how wealth affects our minds. I learned that I can greatly reduce the amount of articles in the search by narrowing down the subject title in which they are categorized.


When I was searching for my sources, I found that using .org in the search bar helped me find a good source for my paper. PBS seems credible to me because they have been making educational videos for over 20 years. The first website I found had many biases in it, but I will still use this source for a point of view in my paper. If I can find that their information is in fact credible, I will use this as a side in my research paper. It seems like their are many opinionated articles on my subject and few studies that have actually tested the difference between affluent people and ones who are not.



4 thoughts on “Sources

  1. briannawirkus

    Hello Alex,
    After evaluating your sources I found them to have useful information. Your first source states useful information but you will have to make sure that whoever conducted the study is creditable. I looked at your second source and I researched the author a little more. It is evident that she is a very reliable individual and you can trust the information she says because of how much education he has and her experience. Your third source has a lot of examples that describes the relationship between the rich and the poor individuals and you could really use that information throughout your paper. Although you will have to stay neutral on the subject because in this essay you don’t want the reader to be able to distinguish which side you agree with. Your fourth website seems to have good information, but I couldn’t really find out more information about Paul Piff who wrote the article. Before you use this source, you may want to make sure that the information that Paul Piff is providing is not biased and it’s stating the information neutrally. Overall, I think that you found some really good sources with information that will be helpful to you in writing your essay.

  2. jillstuke

    I’m glad you’re finding sources, and learning methods to do so! One thing to keep in mind, though, is that not all sources in the library database are scholarly. Here you have one from the Economist and one from New Scientist. Those are pretty solid magazines, but they are periodicals, not peer reviewed journals.

  3. chuh9732

    I think that you have found yourself some good analysis and even goes in to talk about the bias tone of an essay. Keep it up. I think that you should try to go more for sources which are more balanced since we are still comparing both sides in a fair view.


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